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Hello =)

My name is Melanie Mook.

I started my dreadlock making journey by making my own in 2011, got the hang of it pretty quick and just could not stop wanting to find out more about techniques and styles.

Dreadlocks became a big passion.  I have created many dreadlocks for many people over the years and am proud to be part of so many dreadlock journeys.

I love making dreadlocks and working with all the different hair types and find it very satisfying to find different solutions for any dread damage, bumps, lumps and maintenance.

I do my best to satisfy everyone that wants any type of dreadlocks.  It takes time, patience and skill to make good dreadlocks.

I mainly use a crochet technique and interlock on request.

I do not use any gel or wax as I believe this is not needed at all for the creating of dreadlocks.  I do recommend sometimes to use oils to help the locking process, but mainly for people with very thin hair.

Besides creating natural dreads and doing maintenance I also make wool dreadlock extensions that can be plaited in or added to natural dreadlocks. 

You can contact me for custom made dreads or have a look at my Etsy shop here


Would you like to get dreadlocks or do you have any questions about them? Send me a message so we can chat  

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