Human Hair or Wool Extensions

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Why extensions?


Does your hair never get to a certain le0ngth, do you like some extra color or do you not want to wait until your hair is very long then extensions can be a solution for you.

Human hair extensions can be made as I create your dreadlocks for the first time or can be added to mature dreadlocks. I mix the colors as you wish. They can be the same color as your own hair or can give highlights with other colors. It can look so much like your own hair that you won't even see it's added. They last very long, can be dyed with hair dye and are natural fiber. Do keep in mind that it is different fiber then your own hair, this can cause the extension to wear over time. I recommend to get them looked after at least once a year.


Wool extensions are very soft and light to wear, are 100% natural fiber and come in any color. I use very good quality merino wool which lasts a long time. Though it is not as long lasting as human hair extensions. They can be replaced. 

It is very time consuming to get extensions so this might have to be done in 2 sessions if you want a lot of them.


This varies very much depending on what length and thickness you want.
(Prices are on top of the price of natural creations)


Human hair extensions    

Full head                        from €300

Half head                       from €150

Single creations              between €10 and €20

Wool extensions     

full head                         from €200

half head                        from €100

Single creation                between €5 and €10

Please send me a message so we can have a chat and I can give you an estimated price.

Do you have any more questions? Send me a message so we can have a chat.