Would you like to know all about making dreadlocks?

Then this is the course for you

Natural Dreadlock making course beginner level 1
2 day hands on course


After 10 years of making dreadlocks for a living, I have created a course to share my knowledge and experience.  The Mookley Method is a back comb and crocheting technique, without the use of any products. This is the most natural way to start dreadlocks and keep them healthy and strong.


Day 1:

•    Introduction, materials and discussion of work book.  

•    Covered will be everything you need to know about dreadlocks, hair types, techniques, after care, maintenance.

•    We will start sectioning hair and making dreadlocks.

•    You will have a mannequin of your own to train on. 

•    At the end of the day you will take the mannequin home with you to practice on until you’ve locked the whole head.

•    You can take up to a month to practice and complete the task.

•    I will be available by phone, text, what’s app etc. to help with any questions.


Day 2:

•    When the whole head is dreaded we meet for the second day of the course and discuss what you have created.

•    I will answer any questions and we can repeat some lessons again so I know for sure you have the technique right.


Included in the course are a mannequin head, all the tools you need to make dreadlocks and you will get a work book which includes all the information about dreadlocks and the making of them with extra space to make notes and write questions.


Price for the course

One to One €650

2 people €550 p/p

Do you want to learn how to make natural
dreadlocks yourself? 

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