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After care

Natural Dreadlocks

- Always wash your hair the day before a first creation or maintenance session.  This way it is easier to work with and I advise you not to wash your dreads for a week after the first creation or maintenance to allow the dreading process to be(gin) efficiently.  


- It is important to come back for regular maintenance to help the dreads to mature better and faster and to help them grow straight.  As your hair grows you are shedding hair.  New hair growth needs to be put back into the dreads to keep the dread growing strong.  If this is not done for a long period of time the dreads will get weaker on the roots and might break.

- The very first maintenance after creation is the most important.  In the first few months they really do their own thing and can end up with loops, very fluffy or knotted together.  I recommend coming back for the first maintenance 6 weeks after the first creation so I can see how your dreads develop and then give the best advise how to continue looking after your dreads.

- Wash your dreads once or twice a week with natural shampoo that does not leave any residue.  

- Do not use conditioner.  This untangles dreadlocks.  Also, products like these leave a residue behind on the hair and this can accumulate in the core of the dreadlock and after a long time can even begin to rot.

- When the dreads are damp after washing it is good to palm roll each dread individually.  Palm rolling helps to shape and stretch dreads as they form and in the beginning it helps mat the dread faster and prevents any loops and bumps from forming.

- Ensure to separate the dreads at the roots by pulling them apart to keep the sections clear and preventing the dreads joining together. Never just cut a dread. This might damage it or the ones around it.

Wool Dreadlocks

- wash your hair once a week and to focus more on the scalp then the actual dreads.  Wool dreads soak up a lot of water but they dry much quicker then natural and synthetic dreads. They are lighter to wear and last a long time if you take care of them.

-take the dreads out after no more then 6 weeks (if you leave them in longer the hair under the plait will start dreading)


-when you unplait your dreads it might seem like you have lost a lot of hair. Don't panic this is the hair that you normally shed. 


-now you have taken out the dreads you can give them a warm (not hot! wool shrinks) water bath with some natural shampoo or soap


-after this you can really straighten them out and make them look like new by rolling them between your hands. 


Do you have any more questions? Send me a message so we can have a chat.

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