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Pick and mix

One day from 9.30 to 16.00


In this course you choose from a list of skills, techniques and insights what you want to learn or improve whereby I will be your personal tutor. The list to choose from, by no means complete, includes:


· Making dreadlocks

· Making wool dreadlocks

· Dreadlock maintenance

· Attaching dreadlock extensions

· Fixing lumps and bumps

· Dreadlock removal

· Maintenance on your own dreadlocks


You can focus on any one or as many as you wish, so long as it fits into a day. This course is most suitable for people who have some knowledge about dreadlocks already and just need guidance to get to the next level.


Included in this course are all the tools and materials you need to make, fix or create what you like, a mannequin or model if required. Just let me know what you have in mind and we can design the perfect course together for you.


This course is €350 for one to one and €250 p/p for 2 people

Training with Mookley

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