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Brushing out and Shortening

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Are some of your dreads to thick or to long? Or is it time for a new chapter of getting rid of them?

No need to shave.

Besides making dreadlocks I also offer the services of combing them out. Do you find some of your dreads to thick? They can be combed out and re-dreaded into smaller ones.

Dreadlocks can end up being very heavy when they get long. I personally always shorten them once every 2 years. By shortening I don't mean cutting them with scissors. If you do this they end up looking like brushes and you will have to comb out a lot to make it look nice again.
I use a pull and break technique where I poke a crochet needle through the side of the dread and pull about 10 hairs at the time until they break. Don't worry this is a painless way of doing it. The advantage of this method is that there is enough hair to work with to make the ends look nice again. 

Has your dreadlock journey come to an end? You don't have to cut them!
if you want to keep some hair I can cut the dreads to the length you want your hair to be and then comb out what is left.

Prices & Time

Combing out dreadlocks is very time consuming. One fully matured dreadlock of about 35cm long can take up to an hour. 

Combing out                                                         €60 per hour

Shortening, 1 to 2 hours                                         €60 per hour

Do you have any more questions? Send me a message so we can have a chat.

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