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Temporarily Wool Extensions

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Do you not want to commit to a permanent dreadlock hairstyle?

Here is a very exciting solution

Wool dreadlock extensions are all hand made and can be made in any color, length and in different styles. Get in touch so we can have a chat about what you would like. They are plaited in to your own hair and attached with a little rubber band. They can stay in for about 2 months.


Don't leave them in for to long because the hair can start dreading on the roots.

You can take them out easily by taking out the rubber band and unplaiting the hair. You will have a fantastic afro for the day! When you are combing and washing your hair it might look like a lot of hair is coming out. Don't worry! This is all the hair that you have shed in the time you were wearing your dreads, this is totally normal.

Give your hair a good wash and have it dry before you get them plaited in again. This way you don't have to wash your hair to soon after they are freshly put in and they can stay in for longer.

Prices & time

Full head of wool dreadlocks take a month to be made, about 1,5 hours to plait in   from €350

Half head take 2 weeks to be made, about 1 hour to plait in                                 from €200

Single creation can be made in a few days, 5 minutes to plait in                            from €10

Refitting full head                                                                                             €40 per hour

For inspiration and ready made wool dreadlocks visit my webstore here                      

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