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There is no such thing as silly questions so if you can't find your answer here please don't hesitate to            me.

Natural dreadlocks

- What is a dreadlock?

A dreadlock is hair that is tangled/matted.

- How are dreadlocks made?

I use a backcombing and crochet technique.  After dreads are made it is good to keep hand rolling them to keep them grow straight and regular maintenance is advised to keep them from joining together, get fuzzy, make them strong on the roots and to get rid of lumps and bumps.

- How long does my hair need to be?

at least 10 cm

- Does it hurt getting dreads?

This really depends on tolerance and if you are used to brushing hair.  People who are used to it aren't feeling to much but if you are not used to it it can be a bit stingy as your hair is being pulled.  When making them the first time it might only be sensitive on the roots, as I work down to the bottom of the dread you wont feel a thing.  With the maintenance sessions it is a similar feeling but now you know how it will feel and it will take a lot less long.

- How long does it take to get dreads done?

It depends on he length and thickness of your hair and how many you wish to get.  It can vary between 4 to 10 hours.  A single dread can take between 10 and 30 minutes to make.

- How often is maintenance needed?

It depends on how 'tidy'  you want your dreads to look, but it is recommended to come every 2 to 3 months. Sometimes it is still ok after 6 months but any time after it will be a long maintenance session and dreads might be damaged. 

- What do you do with the maintenance?

I pull the loose and new hairs back into the dread to strengthen them from the roots. if this is not done for a long time the dreads get weak and over time they might break. i then work my way down the dread to straighten out bumps and lumps.

- Do you use wax?

NO!  I don't use any products as this will get stuck in the dread and this might lead to dreadrot after a long time of being stuck in it.

- Can I get dreadrot easily?

No this only happens if you have used any wax, conditioner or to much oil over a long time (6 months +) and have not washed it out properly.  This works as a sticky substance inside the dread that gathers dust and together they can rot.

- Can I wash my dreads?

YES!  Of course.
I advise to wash your dreads once a week with a natural shampoo that does not leave any residue.

- How do I wash dreads?

With this you have to find a way that works for you.  Some people use shampoo bars others liquid.

I personally prefer using liquid shampoo and this is my advise; While you are having a shower first rinse your hair, then put shampoo on your hand and divide it on your scalp. Massage your scalp and then rinse.  Do this again and put more soap on the rest of the dreads and squeeze them until you feel that all the dreads have shampoo in them.  Then while squeezing you rinse them until all the shampoo is gone.

- How do I dry dreads?

I recommend to wash your dreads in the morning so they have all day to dry.  After washing you dreads squeeze the water out as much as possible, then wrap them into a towel and leave them for about half an hour.  Then just leave them dry.  Don't tie hem up as they wont be able to dry properly and might start to get smelly.

- Can I use a hairdryer to dry dreads?

I personally don't do that but you can if you don't have the dryer to close (when hair dries out to much it breaks). On the cold stand is probably best.

- Do I have to cut my hair if I don't want them anymore?

This is the easiest option but no you don't have to cut your hair.  You can comb them out with a metal comb (or a fork) and use some oil (olive or sunflower).  There will be a lot of hair coming out, this is mostly what you have shed.  The hair that is left is usually in very good condition, it might just need a little trim and styling after. 

- Can I dye my dreads?

Yes you can but; dying hair a lot of times is not good for your hair, (environment) your scalp and your dreads might get brittle and get damaged (especially if you bleach them more then once).  If you do dye your dreads then make sure you wash out any product used. Always best to find a proffesional to help you.

Wool dreadlocks

- How are they made?

I make the wool dreads with a rolling and a crochet technique.  I can make sets with mixed methods to and I can add plaits, wraps and beads.

- How long does it take for them to be made?

Usually about a month.  The wool needs to be ordered and then I can start the making.

- How are they put into my hair?

They are plaited into your own hair and attached with a rubber band.

- How long does that take to get them plaited in?

About an hour and a half for a full set of about 50 dreads.

- How long does my hair need to be?

At least 5 cm.

- Are they heavy to wear?
If you are used to short hair you might have to get used to it a little.  They are the lightest dread extension compare to human hair or synthetic.  While washing they soak up quite some water but when they are dry they are light and soft again.

- For how long can I keep them in?

Advised is up to 6 weeks.  After that they look very loose and the hair underneath might start to dread.

- How do I wash them?

When you wash your hair (once a week) you focus on the scalp.  After taking them out to be re-plaited you can give the dreads a bath (with warm water, NOT HOT) with natural shampoo or soap.

- Will they shrink when washed?

In the start they might shrink a little bit.  It is always good to hand roll the dreads to straighten and stretch them out to keep them tidy and they will last longer.


- How do I dry them?

With wool dreads it is also best to wash them in the morning so they have all day to dry. Just after a shower you can squeeze them out like a sponge to get most water out.  They dry much quicker then natural dreads.

- How do I take them out?
They are attached with a rubber band which you can snap easily to undo the plait.  Your hair will be very curly =)

- Why is there so much hair coming out when I take them out?

This is normal.  This is the amount of hair that you usually shed only this time you have collected it in the dread and it looks like a lot when you see it all together.

Do you have any more questions? Send me a message so we can have a chat.

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