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Professional Loctician Training


This course is aimed at those looking to make an income from the art and skill of dreadlock making. It is suitable for both the beginner and those who have a basic knowledge and would like to develop their skill to a professional level.


The course is a 2 day, hands-on course with in-depth sharing of knowledge about all the ins and outs of the dreadlock making process. 


Day One 

Time: 9.30 – 16.00


The first day consists of an introduction to dreadlocks. You will learn about:

· hair types

· techniques

· after care  

· maintenance


We will thoroughly practice sectioning and making dreadlocks on your mannequin’s hair.


After the first day you will take your mannequin home to finish the dreadlocking. It is important you take the time to practice on your mannequin. You can only develop this skill with repeated practice, and you will know better what you want to work on for Day Two.



Day Two

Time: 9.30 to 16.00


We start the day discussing how you got on at home dreadlocking your mannequin’s hair.


I will assess your techniques in

· backcombing

· tightness of the hair locking

· hair crocheting technique

I will answer any questions you have and we will go over any lessons you would like to revise. We will repeat the sectioning to make sure you’ve got this.


Materials included in this course (worth €100) are:


· a mannequin head

· All the tools you need to make dreadlocks; crochet hooks, comb, clips, thread, scissors

· The work book which includes all the information about dreadlocks and dreadlock making. There is space to make notes and write questions.


The price for this course is €650 for one-to-one and €550 p/p for 2 people

Training with Mookley

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