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Training with Mookley

Wool Extensions and Wraps

One day from 10 to 16.00

Many people wear dreadlock extensions. You can add them to permanent dreadlocks for a splash of color or extra volume or can be plaited in to unlocked hair where they are plaited in and can be taken out any time. They can be worn for about 6 weeks and do not cause any hair damage.


Extensions are perfect for you:


· If you want to temporarily see and feel what dreadlocks are like while you are not ready yet to commit to permanently locked hair

· If you fancy a bit of flair in your hair for a fun weekend or special occasion

· If you are not able to commit to permanently locked hair, for example work restrictions!

· Or if you want to jazz up your permanent dreadlocks with color or volume


When I was first introduced to making dreadlock extensions, the use of synthetic hair was standard. This was very popular at the time and the fibers are similar to strands of hair which made it easy to practice with. However, I always felt uneasy about the plastic strands synthetic hair is made from and looked for a natural alternative. I discovered wool works just as well as the synthetic fiber and it is longer lasting. Most of all, it resonates much better with the Mookley ethos of using natural materials and sustainable products. I am happier working with materials that are environmentally friendly.


This course is aimed at those who would like to:


· Learn all the ins and outs of creating unique wool dreadlock extensions for yourself

· To develop their own style and take it to the next level

· Create another income stream from this skill


There is an established online market for dreadlock extensions. You can make stock whenever and wherever you are and sell internationally on platforms like Etsy.


Included in this one day hands-on course are all the materials to make your own wool dreadlocks; wool, beads, wraps and charms, tools and samples to take home. (Value €50)


This course is €350 for one-to-one and €250 p/p for 2 people.

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